"Concerts such as this are more important than ever, to remind us that music is special, is not stuffy and is above all, fun. Thank you."

Just some of the nice things people say about Crescendo Concerts...

Inspiring young minds through music!

Crescendo Concerts are directed by Julie Payne. Julie started Music for Miniatures and Crescendo Concerts after finding there were no opportunities for her to take her own children to experience high quality live music in a relatively relaxed atmosphere. Find out more about Julie and her work with schools, community groups and as a performing musician at www.juliepayne.info

"The programme was expertly played, and just the right length for the wriggly little folk"  


Crescendo Concerts are designed to be the next step up from

Music for Miniatures - baby-friendly concerts for children from 0-4. Concerts are held in Bath, Frome and Wells.

Crescendo Concerts are run by the same team as the

hugely successful Music for Miniatures.

If you want to find out more about Music for Miniatures, please visit www.musicforminiatures.co.uk 

"My children and I enjoyed a fantastically polished yet jovially informal concert"

Our musicians are passionate about music and are all professional performers. Music, to them, is what makes the world go round. They want to share that passion with everyone, but especially children, to inspire them to enjoy music, maybe learn an instrument, but most of all, to be receptive to all kinds of music. ​

Sadly, live music in schools is rare nowadays. Children generally have no idea what instruments sound like when played really well, or what they look like. Crescendo Concerts aim to address this! We want to inspire and educate the next generation so they grow up knowing what an oboe looks and sounds like, why the bassoon is amazing and why the french horn is so cool.

Fabulous concerts for children aged 5-11 with a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere 

Professional musicians performing great music especially for children

Crescendo concerts are relaxed, informative, fun and engaging so that we can inspire everyone! Children are encouraged to take a walk behind the instruments whilst they're playing to see and hear exactly what's going on, get closer and look at the musicians's fingers, understand how the sound is made and how the instruments work.

In each concert, there is an introduction to each instrument, a chance to hear each instrument on its own, and sometimes afterwards to have a go on some instruments!

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Woohoo!!! Exciting news! Hot off the press, here are our concert dates for 2018-19! 

- Saturday 6th October 3pm

- Sunday 4th November REVOLTING RHYMES RETURNS TO BATH!!! Times tbc but performance will be in the Old Theatre Royal (Masonic Building behind M&S). Tickets on sale soon...

- Saturday 19th Jan 2019 3pm

- Saturday 23rd Feb 2019 3pm

- Saturday 6th April 2019 3pm

Tickets for regular concerts will be on sale from 8 weeks before the performance. Revolting Rhymes will go on sale in August.

Our Christmas Celebration will return as well! With enchanting live performances of The Snowman and Twas The Night Before Christmas:

Saturday 16th Dec - Victora Hall, Radstock

Saturday 22nd Dec - Old Theatre Royal, Bath

Sunday 23rd Dec - Old Theatre Royal, Bath

Then, looking for entertainment for the kids after New Year, Revolting Rhymes is here to help!

Friday 4th January - The Neeld, Chippenham

Saturday 5th January - Somerset Hall, Portishead

Sunday 6th January - Red Brick Building, Glastonbury

Crescendo Concerts put children right next to musicians. For us, this is vital if we want to inspire children to learn more about music.​ 

The music is amazing, the musicians are brilliant and there's lots of fun to be had! ​​

A huge variety of music chosen especially for children played by fabulous professional musicians.